Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Nature Be Not Silent

I'm supposed to be writing right now -- writing something other than this, I mean. I'm only six pages into what's meant to be a 20-page paper, and already every paragraph is like pulling teeth.

I wish I had something I could use to record sound -- the critters that inhabit the space outside my window make the most amazing noises ever. There's a family of birds living in the eaves just above the window -- I'm pretty sure they're woodpeckers. Sometimes -- most of the time, actually -- they make typically bird-like chirpy sounds -- not tweety chirps, more throaty chirps. But now and then something up there makes a sound that's completely different, almost like a hawk, or (to borrow a word from my mother) a very small pterodactyl. And obviously sometimes they make pecking-wood sounds, too.

Then, down below the window, there's something that makes a different kind of chirping sound -- not a tweety chirp or a throaty chirp, more of a clucky chirp. I think those are actually frogs, though, since I only hear them at night. I've also heard a few lonely peepers out there, but they haven't reached their typical midsummer plague-like numbers yet.

And tonight, for the first time, I'm hearing something really cool -- it's a prolonged trill, lasting for ten seconds or more, that periodically changes pitch. It sounds like something you'd hear on the soundtrack of a movie scene in a swamp.

And every morning at dawn, an ornithological mass choir sets up directly outside the window; they do as good a job as any rooster. Those fucking robins are on thin ice with me. But it's preferrable to hearing my downstairs neighbor play Weezer's "Sweater Song" fifty times a day. (Enough with the Sweater Song already! Jeezus!)
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