Saturday, April 09, 2005
The New Way Of Things

It looks as though posting on this blog is just going to be permanantly reduced from its earlier pace. The thing is, for me, posting = politics, and politcs = a distraction from my work. I can spend hours cursing and muttering under my breath about the obscene corruption of Tom DeLay, I can waste an afternoon wallowing in the threat of a June attack against Iran, I can easily devote half my day to posting on the Greek tragedy that has become the War in Vietnaq. But I just don't have time for that now.

I've got about a month of solid academic time left in this term -- technically I've got six weeks to go, but I have to have most of my papers at least mostly done before exams start (I don't have any exams myself, but exams influence faculty schedules, which means they influence my schedules), and anyway, those last two weeks are worthless for serious work. And I've still got plenty to do. I didn't exactly keep up with my 20-pages-per-week plan (what, you didn't really think that would happen, did you?), but it was only a self-imposed target anyway. What I still have to accomplish, though, is this: one long paper (30-40 pages, maybe) on the technical history of independent film; one 20-30 page screenplay (although hopefully I've already got a good start on that); one medium-lenth (20 pages, give or take) paper on Maya Deren; one shortish paper on Dogme 95, ideally another paper on Mike Leigh, and maybe a couple of other short papers on peripheral issues -- but those'll be the first to go if I can't get everything done.

So that's a total page count in the general neighborhood of a hundred. None of 'em have to be polished, or even completely finished, but there's gotta be something there to launch from next term. And it's all gotta be fully referenced from the fifteen or so books I've put away this term (and I'm still expecting two more), plus dozens of journal articles. I've learned a thing or two about independet film, yes-indeedy -- it's all pretty muddled and unclear in my mind right now, but I know it's in there.

But that workload means no distractions, and thus no politics.

It's an unbelievably beautiful day here -- the sky is profoundly blue, the first new growth is appearing, the temperature is perfect; for six weeks a year, Vermont is paradise. I'm hoping to go out on the campus trails tomorrow, find a quiet spot in the woods, and get some reading done while listening to songbirds.
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