Friday, May 06, 2005
Here's A George W. Bush I'd Vote For

Doug (whose blog is currently nonfunctional, although he says that may change soon -- I hope so) directed me to the Party Party website, where they're hosting an inspired sorta Take a Walk on the Wild Side / Imagine mash-up as "sung" by George W. Bush. These are the same peeople who did that fantastic Dubya-does-Sunday Bloody Sunday cover, which is also here, along with a bunch of stuff I haven't gotten to listen to yet.

It's kinda heartbreaking, really... I miss this America. I miss it a whole lot. And that's not snark -- that's really true, I miss it every single day.

Anyway, thanks to Doug -- in lieu of his blog, go visit his band website: and if you're in Memphis, go see their show tomorrow night -- 10 PM at Ernestine and Hazel's.
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