Friday, May 13, 2005
I Have Not Yet Begun To Pack

... mostly 'cause at the moment I'm knee-deep in laundry. The actual packing starts tonight, but tomorrow might be a bit challenging -- it's not the packing that's hard, it's the schlepping heavy stuff down two flights of spiraly stairs, one of which is currently as dark as a cave. But all my errands have been run, so the packing is the only thing left to do (inbetween van runs.) That, and filling in the holes I made in the walls with toothpaste.

I don't have much more to say here before I go, but I do want to direct everyone's attention to this excellent post at the Rude Pundit:

There's the appointee to the Bush administration's FDA advisor committee on reproductive health drugs, W. David Hager, who as an OB/GYN for Jesus refused to prescribe contraceptives for unmarried women and has written that women who suffer from PMS should pray for help. Apparently one reason Hager never worred about contraception is because he loves the ass fucking. He loves the ass fucking so goddamn much that he raped his (now ex-)wife's ass repeatedly for years. Said the former Mrs., Linda Davis, "I would be asleep and since [the ass fucking] was painful and threatening, I woke up. Sometimes I acquiesced once he had started, just to make it go faster, and sometimes I tried to push him off.... I would [confront] David later, and he would say, 'You asked me to do that,' and I would say, 'No, I never asked for it.'" Hager believes he was called by God to stop abortion and emergency contraception. But apparently God was too busy to slip into his calls to Hager, "Hey, Davey, by the way, stop raping your wife's asshole. It's fucked-up and, frankly, it's kinda gay."

Wouldn't it be cool if the president's appointee to head up the FDA committee on reproductive health maybe actually, y'know, liked women? I mean in a non-ass-raping way. That seems to me like it would be a good thing. But then, I'm just an immoral, deviant liberal... it's not the anal sex part of this I have a problem with, it's more the rape part. I dunno, I just don't think I'd want a rapist as my OB/GYN, and I certainly don't want one making decisions about my sexual and reproductive life. I'm funny like that.

Apparently the Republicans and the president think anal rape is just groovy, though... but consensual anal sex between two people of the same sex is an abomination. I admit Republican logic escapes me at times.

PS You can read all about Hager the Ass-raping Baptist Gynecologist at The Nation. These are the people who want to lead America to a bright new "moral" future. And they wonder why I don't want to go.
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