Sunday, May 01, 2005
Mae Day

Gonna get this one in while it's technically still timely...

Mae West

Okay, so it's not the May everybody else is talking about, but I'm just not in the mood for talking proles-and-bourgeousie tonight. And anyway, this woman is one of my heroes. If I have an alter-ego, this is her... shorter and blonder, and with bigger hats, but otherwise spot-on. I admire her so much, I have every intention of naming a daughter after her (assuming I ever have a daughter, which is isn't guaranteed on any level.) That, and the name "Mae" is sort of anagrammatically-resonant of my own name, so there's a hint of narcissism involved as well. But who wouldn't want to be associated with one of the most ass-kicking women who ever lived?

It's now less than two weeks until I return to Memphis for (hopefully, probably) a summer of full-time temp work with some filmmaking thrown in. And I've got those academic-related interviews to do, and some other stuff as well. (I guess I'm going to be busy.) The second half of the term has just whizzed by; I actually find myself wishing I had just another couple of weeks -- and not just because I've still got some work I want to do before the end of term. Although admittedly that's a big part of it.

Think I can write forty pages in nine days? I think we're about to find out...
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