Thursday, May 19, 2005
Neither A Discovery Nor Healthy

The Discovery Health Channel has given up all pretense of respectable informational programming. The current show is "I'm My Own Twin," and up next, according to the guide, is "Face-Eating Tumor." Now that's some good watchin'!

Future programs:

"Draining a Cyst"
"Projectile Vomiting"
"Deformed Fetuses Floating in Jars"
"Removal of a Gangrenous Toe"
"Watery Diarrhea"
"Hideous Skin Diseases of the Bible (HD)"
"Two Hours of Graphic Video of Live Births"
"Poking At Guts With a Stick"

God bless America.

Update: The next show is "Archie the 84-Pound Baby". I rest my case.
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