Monday, May 09, 2005
A Thousand Times Bleh

I've had a truly lame week... the kind of week where every attempt at forward motion seems to be met by the sudden, concrete presence of previously-unseen lampposts and sliding glass doors, a week of being gently and repeatedly clotheslined; a week in which I've covered more ground by tripping over myself than by striding confidently ahead. It's that kind of rare week that demands booze and vile, sick jokes at the expense of love and innocence and good intentions... and most people would misinterpret that as bitterness, not recognizing that the best jokes are told at the expense of those things we hold the closest.

Unfortunately, there's nobody here to drink with me, nobody to see my humble pratfalls, and nobody to hear my filthy jokes. And that's probably the best punch line of all.

This blog is likely to be quiet for a week or so. I have a little more work to do before I formally abandon the term; then I have to pack my life into plastic tubs (to keep out the water and the bugs and the mice -- wouldn't be nice to come back and find that one's life has been shredded to bits by little yellow teeth in one's absence) and head back down south. And frankly, I've just had enough of everything for right now. But there's nothing wrong with me that running a thousand solitary miles under my wheels won't cure, and it'll be good to be back in the physical presence of people I love. I could do with a hug, preferably the real kind.

PS: And now the people in the next room are having noisy sex... if that ain't just the cherry on top of this hunk of angst-flavored cake.
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