Monday, May 02, 2005
Two For Dave

113/760 - ...octopus Grigori oozes sullenly in his tank...

My plan for this afternoon is to go see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 'cause I haven't seen a film purely for pleasure's sake in months. I read the book(s) at least half a dozen times as a kid, so I think I already know what happens, but Martin Freeman's just too cuddly not to go see. I was saddened to discover that I'd already lost the first-in-line advantage to Dave, so finally getting to see it will have lost a tiny fraction of its sweetness. But as far as I know Mat hasn't seen it yet, so there's some consolation.

Anyway, in memory of Douglas Adams, here's a video of his speech "Parrots, the Universe, and Everything", approximately co-inciding with the release of "Last Chance to See."

And as if that wasn't enough to completely frustrate Dave, what with his lack of bandwidth or an inexpensive internet connection, here are Zac Smith's complete page-by-page illustrations for Gravity's Rainbow (760 images total -- they should publish it as a comic book, I might actually get through it then, eh?)

(Yes, I read Screenhead.)

Update: I ended up going later than I expected 'cause the local cinema doesn't do matinees on weekdays. Anyway, here's what I thought: it's not too bad. I guess it wasn't the Hitchhiker's of my wildest dreams, but having seen it, I can't really think of what I'd have them do differently -- it didn't exactly rock my world, but it didn't offend me, either. I thought given the epic scope of the books (sometimes in a good way, later on not so much), they did as good a job wrapping it up into one tidy feature film as anyone could've, and it seemed to be done with genuine affection for Douglas Adams... and at the end of the day, what else can any of us who admire his work really ask?

Marvin was a little irritating, though.

Now, for the rest of the night, it appears I'll be copying and pasting screenplay bits. I'm taking this class, of which the last month has essentially consisted of 13 people writing a screenplay together en masse. (It actually worked out a lot better than I'd have ever expected.) But now we've got something like seven different versions of the revised screenplay floating around, due to be publicly read tomorrow -- and guess who gets to conform them all? I don't know exactly how I fell into this job -- last week I was the only one with a whole screenplay (it was much easier then since everybody wrote a single scene; this time people were in charge of specific characters and other screenplay elements, so everybody did bits of every scene), so somehow I've become the put-it-all-together girl. No, I don't really appreciate it, but it's too late to protest now. I have a feeling I'll be up until dawn doing this...
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