Tuesday, May 31, 2005
With Liberty and Annual Physical Examinations For All

Here's something to read: "a Republican argument for universal healthcare."

You know what terror is? Terror is not being able to take your kids to a doctor when they're sick or injured, or delaying a doctor visit until the last possible moment -- when the condition has become so serious that the child is in physical danger, likewise serious enough that the problem has become more difficult to treat -- because the costs of that medical treatment could drag your entire family back into poverty or years of economic hardship. Terror is having recovered from a deadly illness -- cancer, organ failure, traumatic injury -- only to be punished for your misfortune with a lifetime of financial insolvency. Terror is trying to take care of a sick family member when you have no money, or watching someone you love suffer because you can't afford the help you and they require. Millions of Americans live in low-level, constant terror not because of threats from militant Islamicists, but because they can't afford the prescriptions that keep them alive and healthy, can't afford the annual check-ups that help prevent problems from developing, and spend their lives knowing that if something happens to them, even if their misfortune doesn't actually kill them, it can easily destroy their lives.

Give me universal healthcare, and I'll take my fucking chances with Bin Laden and Zarqawi; I'm millions of times more likely to die from untreated illness than I am from a terrorist plot. It's absurd that in this, "the wealthiest nation in the world," there's anyone left who can't see a doctor when they need one, much less millions of such people. A healthy population is good for all of us -- whether we use universal health care or not -- and we should all be willing to bear some of the costs not only of keeping our own family well, but of keeping our entire population healthy and productive. By banding together, we can drive costs down, give access to everyone, and eliminate a major source of fear and anxiety (not to mention the major source of personal bankruptcy, another massive drag on our collective national productivity and economic wellbeing) from American life.

Why does the Republican party hate the American people?
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