Thursday, May 12, 2005

Life without academic work, it turns out, is really boring. Not only is the lack of work boring in itself, but it also makes other activities less fun since you're not avoiding academic work by doing them.

I know, some people are just never happy.

A lot of people are already starting to quit the scene and head home for the summer -- I'm here until Sunday morning because I've gotta work. I probably could've gotten out of it, but I could use the money, and I want this job back next term so I figure I should put in the extra effort. And anyway, I need the extra days to get my stuff sorted. It's a bit tricky, though, since I only brought with me those things that I use on a regular basis, it's hard to decide which things to pack up -- putting them beyond my use -- and which to leave out until the last minute.

I'll be back in Memphis on Monday, and holding court at the Co-op on Tuesday evening (not that anyone there knows who I am anymore, apart from Morgan and a couple of other old-timers. Last time I was around, all the current workshoppers looked at me like I was some rank newb... to which I respond, "phfft, this is MY workshop, bitches! I'm bein' nice to let y'all pass through!" *SNAP*)

Once I get settled in a bit, it'll be off to the saltmines... with luck, I'll be temping at my mother's place of employment (do I smell $15/hour?). She just received a not-particularly-wanted promotion there... it's weird, people fall all over themselves to give my mother jobs. This is, I believe, the second major employer to actually invent a job just so they could hire her for it... hell, once a branch office went under because she left. . Now that's power -- in a modest, administrative kind of way, albeit. Still, if I can ever get people to do that kind of stuff for me in film work, I'll be as happy as a clam.
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