Monday, June 13, 2005
Democratic Party Values

Boy, I'm just blogging my ass off today... I've spent weeks wandering in the desert of Blog, and suddenly I come across an oasis...

Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool. One of the Democratic party's weaknesses over the last couple of decades has been that we've had trouble getting across to people in a meaningful way what it is we stand for, and what we believe in. There's been momentum building to finally find a way to state that clearly -- large parts of the American public think we're just for gay rights, reproductive rights and environmental protection laws (which we definitely are) but fail to realize that those are elements of larger values which contain much, much more than just that.

The community over at Kos has devised one version of what such a declaration of Democratic values might look like on paper:


Responsive govt
Electoral Reform
Fiscal responsibility
Protecting our environment
Protecting our cultural heritage
Education (pre-K, primary, secondary, college)
Worker rights
Social Security
Health Care
Gender equality (same pay for same work, etc)
Affirmative action
Tort laws to protect the little guys from Big Corp
Non-regressive tax laws
Gay marriage
Fair trade laws
Small business support

Privacy or Personal Freedoms

Opposition to regulation of morality
Opposition to Patriot Act
Right to die
Medical marijuana
Consumer privacy
Freedom of/from religion
Access to contraceptives


Strong (not hollow) military
Leadership on global issues (e.g. terrorism, landmines, global warming, etc.)
Champion of human rights, at home and abroad
Leadership in science and technology (e.g. stem cells, alternative energy, etc.)
Strong United Nations/Internationalism
Energy policy

That sounds fucking awesome. There's something genuinely meaningful and important in that list for every single American, each item representing a place where the Republican party has failed miserably. You're looking at the ticket to a Democratic renaissance.
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