Sunday, June 12, 2005
Fresh Memo

Now that the Downing Street Memo has begun to get a little airtime in the United States (damn those leaked documents, the bane of corrupt Republican presidents), it's time to add a piping-hot new memo from the British government: voila!

This isn't as in-your-face as the DSM, but in at least one way it's considerably more damning. Barely six months before the US attacked and invaded Iraq -- back when the Bush administration was still assuring the American people that it intended to exhaust all diplomatic efforts (wait for it, this is fucking rich) -- this memo demonstrates that:

1) The Bush administration was already preparing its military for war with Iraq, and wanted Saddam Hussein gone;

2) the Bush and Blair administrations were well aware that they had no legitimate legal grounds to undertake that war;

3) the Bush and Blair administrations were looking at ways to provoke or otherwise produce an incident which could be used as justification for their otherwise-illegal war; and

4) the subsequent issue surrounding UN weapons inspectors was the justification they chose, and in fact the inspectors were returned to Iraq to fulfill that justification.

Get it? The UN weapons inspectors were never there out of any attempt to forestall war; they were there to ultimately give Bush an excuse to invade, and Blair an excuse to support him.

That's some dark, nasty shit; that's just about the most corrupt, evil, manipulative thing I've ever heard coming from any American administration, and that's saying a lot. And mind you, this isn't some blogosphere conspiracy theory -- I don't think I've heard even the most thickly-foiled 'net conspiracy nut suggest that the inspection process was begun with the sole intention to fail so that failure could serve as a justification for war. No, this comes from deep within the guts of the British government itself, from the minutes of a meeting personally involving the highest-level British officials (including the PM himself); and so far, neither Bush nor Blair has disputed the authenticity of either of these documents.

I'm beyond even making snarky comments about cocksucking and the Clinton impeachment; this has become far, far too serious and tragic to be remotely funny. The Bush White House has succeeded in reaching the limits of my black humor. Strangely, I just can't find anything at all to laugh about in 1,702 dead American troops, nearly 13,000 total American casualties, as many as 100,000 dead Iraqi civilains, and a nation torn to shreds through incompetence and corrupt greed.

If this profound war crime is left hidden and unpunished, I'll be convinced: the United States will be beyond salvation. If we can't address a national misdeed as profound as this one, there can't be anything but dishonor left in us.

Read the memo for yourself; then, if you want more, read this piece as well. If you still don't get it after that, you're beyond my help.
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