Tuesday, June 21, 2005
An Unpopular President

After four years of binging and brawling followed by a good eight-month sleep, America awakes to find George W. Bush lying next to it in bed. "Jesus fucking Christ," it thinks to itself, "how drunk were we?"

It's not pretty -- how will we ever show our face in the neighborhood again? -- but Dubbers is making himself busy in the kitchen, promising to make us an omelette out of all these broken eggs. There are mumblings about a wedding, a rushed drunken ceremony -- he's here for keeps, back acne and all (at least until we can get our lawyer on the phone.)

Yes, America is waking to its inevitable hangover -- and god, our head is throbbing:

Bush's approval rating: 47% approve, 51% disapprove

Support for US war in Iraq: 39% approve, 59% disapprove


"Do you think George W. Bush has the same priorities for the country as you have, or not?"

Same: 35%
Not the same 61%

"Do you feel Bush and the Republican leaders in Congress are making good progress on solving the nation's problems or not?"

Progress: 37%
No Progress: 61%

"Whose fault is that mainly: Bush and the Republicans, or the Democrats in Congress?"

Bush/Republicans: 67%
Democrats: 13%

(Polling Report)

Gee, America... buyer's remorse, much?
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