Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Wait... Who?

A quick post on a major development, since nobody actually has any clue what the fuck just happened...

Apparently Bush's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court is some guy named John Roberts. At first blush -- and I do mean "first blush" since nobody apparently has ever heard of this guy -- is that he's anti-choice, pro-corporation, and has only been a judge for two years.

Yes, seriously, only two years. Partisan attorney to Supreme Court Justice in two years is pretty... well, I was going to say "special," but what I really mean is "fucked up." So now we're all curious -- who the fuck is this guy, anyway? -- and I expect we'll be asking him lots and lots and lots of questions over the coming months. After all, this man, if confirmed, will have direct influence over our society for potentially as much as 30 years, and we wouldn't want just any asshole walking in off the street for the job. Right?

PS: AmericaBlog is doing the work of piecing together what little information exits on the man.
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