Monday, August 01, 2005
America to UN: Just Ignore Him And He'll Go Away

Yes, Bush's middle finger -- both real and figurative -- is getting a workout lately. He has just appointed Wilfred Brimley -- sorry, Michael Bolton -- sorry, John Bolton, to the UN; the left is supposed to be pissed off, but most of us are just rolling our eyes. Fine, have him; he can dick around in the UN for a year or so, make America's situation in the world a wee bit harder (though it's already pretty bad, so there's not much further to fall in that sense), and then in 2007 the new Democrat-controlled congress will replace him with somebody not-insane. The way is clear.

But we leave the world with this message: just ignore him.

Seriously. He has the support of nobody but Bush, and we all know how little that's worth on the world stage. Sure, he'll bluster around and assault your administrative assistants and challenge the ambassador from Belgium to a fistfight in the parking lot, and make the place smell faintly of fish -- but really, try to pretend he's not there. He's got nothing, certainly not the backing of the American people. He'll be gone soon... ignore him.

The funny thing about all this is, the Republicans and Bush in particular are so enchanted with this "middle finger" diplomatic style they've just discovered, they fail to realize that Bush's middle finger is ultimately being jammed up his own ass. Does John Bolton's appointment take any pressure of the troops in Iraq? No. Does he offer any hope of reaching aggreements with North Korea or Iran? No. Does he add to America's image abroad? Hell no.

But okay, Dubya, do what you want... when you wake up with a sore asshole, you'll have nobody but yourself to blame.

PS: Alternately, you could use him against us. Middle finger, meet puckered anus.

PPS: Looks like Bolton is Mr. Popularity at the UN. What a great fuckin' day for America!
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