Monday, August 29, 2005

... is what I am. A perfectly decent drive -- you always get a little crazy on that second afternoon alone in the car, and since my cruise control left me sometime during the summer, my knee's aching from keeping my foot on the gas pedal for ten hours a day -- but no horrific weather for once; apparently it was two million other people's turn this weekend. And thank fuck for that.

More later.

PS: Interestingly, as soon as I got out into middle Tennessee, the price of a gallon of regular unleaded dropped by about 15-20 cents, and then stayed that way for the duration of the trip. Even through Pennsylvania and New York state, the prices were significantly lower than what I'd been paying in Memphis. Perhaps the price of fuel dropped considerably during the five hours I spent driving from Memphis to Knoxville... or maybe Memphians are being gouged?

Anyway, up here in Vermont, the price seems to average about $2.50/gallon... still a hell of a lot more than it cost when I left in May, and doubtless it's going to go up over the next week, but less than it cost when I filled my tank initially at the Exxon in Horn Lake, MS. What's it running there now?
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