Friday, August 19, 2005
Hoes Like Me

Okay, look... Craig Brewer is a really nice guy: he's approachable, friendly, all the things that you'd hope the local Hot Shit Director would be. I still haven't seen Hustle and Flow in its entirety, although what I have seen was beautifully shot. And I very much admired that he chose a woman as his DOP on H&F; life in the camera department can be rough for women.

But I've just read the early synopsis of his intended second feature, and so far, I'm not loving it:

The plot involves a white nymphomaniac who must be "cured" of her disorder by an older black bluesman.

Craig, seriously... what the fuck?

Why are women always strippers and prostitutes in your films? Why always with the manipulative bitch thing? A nymphomaniac who needs to be "cured"? Are you fucking kidding me?

Anyone have any theories?
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