Monday, September 19, 2005
Cap'n Kate Be Comin' Aboard

It completely slipped me mind! (Bloody privateers!) Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day... I wouldn't want t' forget one o' the 'net's major holidays. (Blimey!) I rarely be one for divin' into the big memes, but it's a wee bit like karma -- if ye want all the people t' come flockin' t' ye, a lot o' the time ye have t' be one o' the flockers in return.

So for the rest o' the day, ye can avast referrin' t' me as Sister Novena, 'n instead be callin' me by me pirate name: Cap'n Kate Knocknees. Arrrrr!

'N if ye want t' see the rest o' this blog done up in pirate-speak, ye can get it translated here. (Aaarrhhh, me parrot!) I'll be insistin' today that all comments be akin t' the langauge o' those what practice the sweet trade, 'n signed with good pirate names, else I'll be puttin' the black spot on ye! Don't be a lily-livered scurvy dog, get into it! It's fun! Arrrr!
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