Thursday, September 15, 2005
The Edge Of This Cliff

Oh shit... I have too much to do.

Having spent two weeks getting myself completely sorted out at school -- getting my schedule worked out, fulfilling all the little obligations that must be met but which can be accomplished now rather than later, working about twice as much as I really should be on non-academic stuff -- I sat down to plot out the rest of my term, my last term mind you, and discovered that I have simply too much to do.

Yes, every student in my position has exactly the same problem. It's the nature of the beast at this school -- no matter how you plan ahead (and you really can't plan ahead all that much, even with the best of intentions), in the end, your last semester inevitably becomes a frantic lunge towards completion of your academic requirements. I have a film that still has the bulk of its editing before it; I have interviews to arrange, then conduct, then transcribe, then analyze and write about; I have a long, painful oral exam to prepare for; and I have fifty finished pages of writing to complete. And when I'm done with that, my actual work on the subject, I think, will only have begun -- I'll have no answers, but I'll have some realistic questions, and I'll probably have some theories.

You know you've got some complex stuff on your hands when a year's worth of thought only gets you to the point that you finally know what the questions are.
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