Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Lost Shot

Tell me truly -- is this not a beautiful image?

I think it is, without much doubt, the most sigh-inducingly lovely frame out of all the thousands of frames I shot over the last couple of weeks of the summer. As soon as I saw it on playback -- hell, as soon as I saw it in my camera's viewfinder -- I knew it was the best image I was going to get on this film. Yep, definitely the highlight of the piece, no question about it.

And we all know what happens to your best shot, don't we boys and girls?

It's an old cutting-room adage that whatever bit of film you like best is, for one reason or another, never going to make it into the finished film. Your best work always gets the axe; it's one of the fundamental laws of filmmaking, maybe of art in general. In this case, it goes in the trim bin because it just doesn't match; the action of the shots it would be cut with is too different. And that's my fault -- this is why normally one person lights, another person shoots, and a third person directs. I can still cut the sequence -- I've got the coverage for that -- but it won't include this shot. Pity.

Oh well. Maybe I'll find a use for it somehow, in some unrelated sequence... or maybe it'll just go in the showreel/portfolio/scrapbook, a pleasing bit of work that never got to fulfill its promise. It happens.

Update: I was wrong! In my editing confusion (totally understandable if you know much about it) I got the nature of the shot above incorrect. This shot is going to end up in the film -- yay!
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