Thursday, September 29, 2005

Having just passed my 24th hour of deep editing, I feel like my eyeballs are about to dissolve and drain out of my skull. The first three hours are easy and pass by unnoticed; in the fourth hour, my precision begins to flag; in the fifth hour my mind starts to go fuzzy; by the sixth hour I have to stare at the real world for a good ten seconds before my depth perception clicks back into place. Editing is the part of the process I'm most ambivalent about -- when you're really in it, it's incredibly satisfying, but as soon as you step away, you start to wonder why anyone would subject themselves to it willingly.

Still, I think it's going well enough. Some sequences that I was dreading have cut like butter; others that I thought would be simple are proving to be intractable. But most of the drek has been cleared away, most of the pieces are approximately in the right place, and apart from a couple of frustrating editing issues (and there are always a few), the rough edit is nearly complete. Once I find solutions to the remaining problems, editing will become mostly a matter of finding the right rhythm... I'll stop hacking at whole scenes and start slicing away frames in ones and twos.

The most difficult thing is remembering the images I originally had in my mind... I need them as a reference, but it's hard to see past the images on the screen. Ideally at this point I'd take a week off from editing and return to work when my mind is fresher, but that's not an option in this case. I may indulge in a day off this weekend if things stay on track -- or then again, I might just push through until it's done.

Update: The hell with it, I'm taking some time away. I went in this afternoon to embark on another six hours, piddled around for maybe an hour and a half, and then watched the project from the beginning and realized that, without realizing it, I'd finished the full rough cut a day and a half early. Some of those intractable problems yielded quite easily after a decent night's sleep, and while I've still got quite a bit of work ahead of me, it's only the subtle stuff; the major pieces are essentially in place. What I know for sure is that I can barely see the film at this point -- I see shots and sequences, but I can't see the film for love nor money. And I won't be able to start editing it to coherence until I can, so that means a little time off is needed.

So I'm taking the rest of today and tomorrow off from editing -- I've got plenty of other work to do in the meantime.
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