Monday, October 24, 2005
CSS Done Me Wrong

I wish I understood HTML better. I've spent the best part of an hour trying to replace the current dull blog title banner with something a little more interesting, but I just can't get the image to work right on the page. I've been pretty good at deciphering everything within the style sheet and tinkering around with it, but the structure itself is a mystery to me.

I have every intention of getting some modest training in basic web design after I get done here -- and not just web design, but I'd like a better understanding of straight-up graphic design (just enough to be competent for my own uses; I wouldn't really like to do it for a living), desktop publishing, DVD authoring, maybe even a little bit of computer animation (just enough to manipulate simple images, that kind of thing.) These are all well within my intellectual capabilites, but until one has had some systematic instruction, they can be tough subjects to penetrate.

Seems weird to be sitting here in a college dorm, waiting to graduate from school so I can finally start learning stuff. But isn't that always the way?
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