Thursday, October 06, 2005

As Shaw would say, BAH.

Okay, so everything's sorted out now: my car is, for the very, very last time ever, getting fixed. If I understand correctly -- and I'm not completely sure that I do, but hopefully mostly -- what happened was that a ball joint on my driver's-side front wheel popped out of place, which made my CV joint kinda fall apart, which in turn somehow damaged my axle (not to mention the tire and indirectly the fender.)The ball joint and the CV joint are just being repaired, but the axle's being replaced, as are the tires (which needed replacement anyway.)The fender will just be kinda fugly from now on. My car is the luckiest car in the world, and I am by extension pretty fortunate myself (not to mention well supported -- thanks mom.)

My illness is gradually passing -- I'm just now moving into that mucus-management phase wherein my body attempts to purge itself of the detritus of disease. (I know nobody wants to hear about this, but admit it, you can totally relate. Think of it as a close, intimate blog friendship.) I walk around mostly okay, periodically wracked with fits of coughing that emanate from deep in my solar plexus (did you know that some biologists actually believe it might be a rudimentary second brain?) and leave me panting for breath after they subside. My lungs are a weak point, no doubt about it; they'll be the death of me someday.

Editing has even become something of a consolation now. I'm watching it slowly come clearer as the final pieces are dropped into place -- I still have a few bigger things to do, but they're relatively simple, and other than that I'm just trying to make things tidy and organized. Now I'm watching it almost in a state of suspense -- the music particularly is going to have a huge impact on the film, and that's yet to be composed, so I'm still waiting to see what this film will ultimately be. Given the guy doing the composing -- who does wonderful stuff -- I know it'll be thrilling when it all comes together; I just can't wait.

I still have plenty to do between now and then, though -- there may be a short research trip to New York in the offing if I can get it funded through the various special scholarships this college makes available to graduating seniors. All of the people I hope to talk to are there, as are their various organizations and facilities, so it would be good to go do the interviews in person. Even after three years in London I find NYC intimidating, but hopefully my inner city-dweller will kick back in. The annoying part is that up until this summer I had beloved friends in NYC -- and oh, how I would've loved to go see them -- but then they had to go and move to Boulder, Colorado, which, if you didn't know, is fucking nowhere near New York. And that's great for them, they sound happy with the move... it's just pitiful that I'm finally dragging my ass to NYC a few months too late. But hey, maybe I can work in a Daily Show taping while I'm there -- that would be cool, right?
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