Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Roger the Shrubber

Before I start, I want to make one thing absolutely clear: I am NOT a prude. There's not a prudish bone in my body, nor a prudish thought in my head. I'm down with folks gettin' down, I wish them love and joy (or lust and depravity, depending on their bent), and beseech all humans everywhere -- within the obvious bounds of consent, responsibility, and safety -- to strap up, tie down, bend over, and let the fluids land where they may.

But there is, well, one thing that kinda bothers me; it can best be summed up in the word "exhibitionism." It's not the idea of exhibitionism itself that bothers me -- like I said, I'm cool with anyone doing anything; I'm not one to judge. In fact, I love knowing about what people are getting up to, even when it's stuff I personally have no interest in -- the diversity and breadth of potential human experience is represented so beautifully in the microcosm of sex. I just don't want to have to watch. This has always been my one real hang-up -- hump away, wonderful people, but don't do it around me, please. Walk around naked all damn day -- I have no problem with nudity -- but not in the kitchen, and not with a hard-on. It just bugs me.

I mention it because there's something in my little world that's causing me some vexation, and I'm not sure what, if anything, I should do about it. To put it simply, my across-the-hall neighbors (three girls) have decided to post a large poster of some naked guy on the wall outside their door. Not in their room, no, but out in the hall, where nobody but them and me ever see it. The first couple of days I was cool with it -- heh, these crazy kids with their rampant in-your-face sexuality -- but as a week or more has passed, I'm starting to get tired of seeing it. I'm not sure whether the situation is made better or worse by the fact that it's only partially-full-frontal nudity -- there's no visible tackle (which extends southward below the edge of the poster), but that only serves to emphasize the visibility of the surrounding pubes. I'm just, y'know, getting a little tired of stepping out of my room every morning and being faced with an eyeful of some dude's shrubbery collection.

Am I being unreasonable? Should I just get over it? I'd be embarrassed to ask them to take it down -- not because the picture embarrasses me (it doesn't), but because the idea that it bothers me embarrasses me.

Anyway, it's "snowing" again today -- I put "snowing" in quotes because the stuff that's falling from the sky only barely qualifies as snow. It's a little more than sleet, coming down in wads more than flakes, and making the roads all greasy and nasty. But at least I get to bring my snowboots out again -- I love my snowboots.
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