Sunday, October 16, 2005
Row v. Wade

I want to make something clear -- it's been raining here for nine motherfucking days. And I don't mean it has rained on nine consecutive days; I mean that it has rained, more-or-less continuously, for nine consecutive days. This afternoon we had a couple of precious hours of merely patchy cloudcover -- the sun peeped out around the clouds and we all averted our eyes and hissed like vampires. We wanted so badly to frolic in the sunshine, but after so long in the half-darkness we have adapted and our sensitive, nocturnal eyes can no longer tolerate the full glare of...

... okay, maybe I'm a little bit prone to exaggeration. The point is, it's been a long goddamn time since any of us here last saw the sun. But does that tauntingly brief appearance today suggest that our Venusian climate is about to improve?

Fuck no it doesn't

I mean, just look at that shit -- we'll be lucky to see a clear day before November, and November isn't exactly known for its fine weather up here. I'm glad that my school is well-equipped with canoes and kayaks, since we'll all be floating off down the Whetstone before long. And it's not going to do the already-cranky student body's collective mood any good... all I'm sayin' is, it's a goddamn good thing this college doesn't have a clocktower.

A little unstructured randomness: personally, I think every woman in the industrialized world would be well served by seeing these pictures. Also, I'd like to announce that I need new music, so I'm looking for recommendations. A quick note in the comments with your suggestion and your case supporting that suggestion would be greatly appreciated. (I have to be honest: suggestions from the hipsters will probably get the larger share of my attention, but feel free to try anyway, Nelson.)

Greensmile, I'll play your request forthwith.
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