Friday, October 07, 2005
The Week That Was

Okay, that's enough of that bullshit. I'm hoping this next week will be nice and predictable. Today started strangely: I was in the shower, having done nothing this morning but check my email and water my two modest plants, and I hear a fire alarm go off in the dorm. "This," I thought to myself, "is the worst possible timing for a fire drill." I half-quickly (but really pretty slowly) rinsed out my hair -- still taking enough time to run some detangler through it -- wrapped my head in a towel, swiped some toner across my face, a dab of hand lotion, and went out to get dressed. I heard a knock at my door and yelled, "yeah, I'm comin', I'll be out in a minute." I got dressed -- completely, socks and everything -- grabbed my bag, and opened the door...

... to find a bleary-eyed RA standing there with a quizzical look on his face. A moment of mutual confusion passed before he said, "something burning in there?"

"In here? No..."

"Then why's your smoke detector going off?"

"My smoke detector?"

Then I realized that the sound was only coming from my room. It wasn't a fire drill, it was just me... or my room... or something. I dropped my bag and went back in to examine the smoke detector, suddenly realizing that my situation looked somewhat suspicious in spite of being completely innocuous in reality: my windows were wide open, my fan was on, and my smoke detector was going off. Not that having a smoky room is a crime or anything, but it certainly could've been suggested that the scene seemed indicative of someone trying to vent a large amount of smoke from a room after having inadvertantly set off a smoke detector. Except for one thing: no smoke. Not a hint of smoke -- no smell, no residual waft, nuthin'. I mean, I don't smoke (neither tobacco nor pot nor crack nor anything else), and while I have some candles in my room, they weren't set out and haven't been lit yet this term.

My smoke detector, however, didn't care about rational arguments to the effect that its insistence of danger was baseless, meaningless, inappropriate and, frankly, fucking annoying; its only apparent desire was to turn our eardrums to jelly. The RA called maintenance and the college electrician appeared about ten minutes later. She climbed up on a chair, grimacing the whole time, whipped the thing off the ceiling, disconnected it, snuffed out its little smoke-detector life, and replaced it with a new, hopefully considerably more genteel smoke detector.

It was just weird is all. The machines seem to be deciding to act on their own lately, and it makes me nervous.

The rest of the morning was spent taking care of little administrative errands, and then I set about finding a ride to Hinsdale, NH to go pick up my car. It could've been a problem, but mercifully it was easy. Currently I'm profoundly grateful for anything that's easy. I'd been hopeful that I might go see a film tonight -- the local "arthouse" cinema has been showing The Aristocrats, but the one daily showing conflicted with my van driving duties, and it took me until Tuesday to find a nother driver willing to swap a shift with me so I could go. And then, of course, as soon as I had, I lost my car, nixing the whole plan. Having gotten my car back today I hoped -- actually, more like desperately wanted -- to go see it tonight, but alas, the theater had already dropped the film and replaced it with the new Wallace and Grommit film. And, y'know, nothing against W&G -- I'm not particularly into cartoons for their own sake, and while W&G is amusing enough, I've frankly always found it a bit overrated, but it's okay I guess -- but it's just not the same as listening to Gilbert Gottfried vomit forth a magnificent fountain of filth and depravity.I really could've used some artfully dirty jokes tonight. But noooooooo... now I have to wait for the DVD.
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