Sunday, October 09, 2005
Whinge, Moan

This building's definitely trying to tell us something. The entire dorm was awakened last night -- or you could call it this morning -- at 4 AM by the central fire alarm system. It was NOT just my smoke detector this time, but the monster alarm in the hall that flashes and grunts and squawks and howls at you to flee. By that time it had been raining steadily for nearly 48 hours, so it was thoroughly cold and soggy outside; furthermore, there had been a substantial party the night before, so a good number of the dormizens were nursing larval-stage hangovers as well. Everyone congregated in the front parking lot -- a few of us fully (if sloppily) dressed with shoes and coats, and a few others barefoot in their jammies; one guy was dressed only in a short Hawaiian-print sarong and a raincoat. We huddled outside in the mud for a good fifteen minutes before the head of the volunteer fire department arrived; ten minutes after that the campus fire marshall showed up, followed by the various other people who have been tapped to appear whenever college life and property are deemed under threat.

We were accusingly asked, "anyone know what set it off?" Unusually, nobody did. Normally there's a tearful, embarrassed person in the group who left a pot of rice forgotten on the stove or who let their incense or other smoky items get away from them. Last night, though, the system acted on its own.

Perhaps the rain had something to do with it -- these buildings are all a little wonky, and this one particularly is quickly saturated after a heavy rain. Perhaps there's some undiscovered fire hazard lurking in the basement or the attic. I dunno. But last night we were apparently standing out in the cold drizzle for no good reason.


I know the blog's been almost entirely personal stuff lately, and mostly whining at that. Sorry. I was going to do a post on Harriet Miers' strangely familiar physiognomy, but I couldn't find a picture of Jerri Blank that would really get the point across. Mostly it's just down to the workload -- the academics are demanding so much that I don't have the extra processing power to do much besides blab about my day. I've been reduced to putting my head down and just pushing on through these next six weeks. By Thanksgiving, this phase of my life should be almost over, and then we all get to find out what's next.
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