Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Home Stretch

One more week, and this will all be over. I knocked out another 30 pages over last weekend, which brings my total page count to about 90; I have another 20 pages to write over the next couple of days. Some of it will be additions to the papers, and the rest of is the support material -- introductions, acknowledgements, and all the fiddly bibliographic stuff. Once I've got it all in place -- by Saturday, I expect -- I'll begin the job of plowing through it all, slicing it up, rearranging, cleaning up the text, re-formatting a lot of it, and making sure the words are as nicely-strung-together as possible.

So Thanksgiving for me is going to be a working holiday this year. I mail the whole thing off to my outside examiner next Tuesday. Then I've got about a week to do the final work on my film, sit around bored waiting for one of my professors to come back from the Ukraine, and... well, that's about it, really. If I were a typical student, I'd use the time to obsess over the oral exam, but I'm not -- as long as it gets me out of here, I don't really care what happens. And from what I understand, even if I didn't lift a finger for the next three weeks, I'm already "out of here" academically -- my grade wouldn't be the best, but I'd get my diploma. Knowing that at this point I'm just making things pretty does take a lot of the pressure off. in fact, I'm really just starting to hit my stride, starting to actively enjoy the process -- now that the hardest writing is out of the way, it's all become very pleasant. I could do this for another whole year, except that I'd have to stay here. So fuck that.

On top of the academic stuff, I've also taken on the entire van schedule for the next four days, and we're expecting snow, so that should be "fun." I did manage to score a key to the posh van, though -- it's got all-wheel drive, a CD player, leather upholstery and seat warmers. (Mmmmmm... seat warmers.) I'll be doing the turkey thing in the dining hall with all the other strays... not the best Thanksgiving I've ever had, but also not the worst.

The best thing about Thanksgiving, of course -- apart from the parades, which I won't be able to see this year -- is that after Thanksgiving dinner, it's officially okay to start listening to Christmas music. I looove Christmas music. I know that makes me a dork -- like I wasn't anyway -- but it makes me a happy dork, so anybody who doesn't like it can get stuffed, and to hell with good taste.

I will say this, though: Thanksgiving just isn't the same without a Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon.

happy tofurkey day

PS: Would you like to say grace, Mr. Burroughs?
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