Sunday, November 13, 2005

My brain hurts.

I have another twenty or so pages to write this week -- page-wise I can do it, but this is the difficult material I'm working with now, the stuff that isn't about reguritation of facts, but about honest-to-god theory. If I've got anything worthwhile to say, if I've arrived at any conclusion over the last year, now's the time when I've got to get it out on paper. It's so easy to just toss off some who-what-when; it's so hard to say something substantive.

I've got to have the bulk of this writing done by Friday -- that's the day when I've got an interview with a rather prominent mucky-muck in independent film, one of perhaps two or three people in the country who can single-handedly launch a film out of obscurity and on the road to indie fame and fortune. I only have 30-45 minutes to talk to her, so I've got to be completely, utterly, unquestionably prepared; I might have time to ask three or four questions, so I've got to be damn sure I ask the right ones. But I can't finish the paper until after the interview -- I've got to incorporate those answers into my writing. So I'm trying to write just enough, but not too much. Although too much is always better than not enough.

God, I just want this to be over; I want it to be done, and I want to move on. This week is going to be the hardest of the whole year.
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