Sunday, December 25, 2005
Holiday Cheer

Happy Chanukah, everybody, and a very debauched Saturnalia. Io io io!

G_ds bless us, every one.

PS: Okay, I admit it, it's shameful that I don't know the difference between a menorah and a hannukiah. You learn something new every year. In my defense, when I was attending a private Episcopalian elementary school as a child, the one Jewish's kid's mom always came to class every year to give a little presentation on Chanukah, and she always referred to the ritual object she brought with her as a menorah. I guess the nuance went over my head at nine, and I've just never really questioned it. The baby Jesus wants you to cut me some slack.

That said, the diagram above is technically correct. Just maybe not holiday-appropriate. Seriously, maybe we need to consider starting up a "War On Chanukah" campaign, since clearly the majority of Americans are as unclear on the subject as we are on parliamentary politics.

I'm just relieved to see nobody had any beef with the Saturnalia part of the post. Bah, humbug.
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