Monday, December 05, 2005
If Anybody Needs Me, I'll Be In My Room, In The Dark, Curled Up Under A Blanket, Weeping For My Lost Youth

Well... shit.

As long as I'm here, I might as well do one sweeping birthday greeting for the other Decembrists currently in my life: Derrick, Randy, Jared, and -- okay, fine, even Dave. Bill Hicks' birthday is coming up soon, but then he's dead, so he's not likely to care about birthdays much anymore. I happen to share a birthday with Margaret Cho, which I think is pretty cool. I will be looking to Margaret as a role model so that I can be cooler during my 30s than I was in my 20s, just like her.

In spite of my frequent casual prattle, I don't believe in such ridiculous things as astrology (although it's a damn good way to remember people's birthdays.) But I can't help but notice how many of the most important people in my life have had and do have birthdays that fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- which is to say, under Sagittarius, just like me. Many of the others tend to fall in clumps under other signs -- I've befriended a lot of Leos, quite a few Libras, and a surprising number of Pisceans. There are a few outliers, the occasional Taurus or Virgo or Aquarius, but by and large my closest friends fall into those few categories.

Or we could look at it a completely different way: I also have a long and illustrious history of friendship with men who are a few years older than me -- 5-10 years seems to be the sweet spot (though that's arguably just the intersection of two other patterns.) I've had a lot of friends whose names started with "J" or "D" or "R". Through jr. high, I was repeatedly best friends with the first-chair flute player in band, regardless of whether they were male or female.

Does any of it mean anything? Nah... we could make it mean something, but apart from being fun, that wouldn't really contribute much to our collective understanding of the universe. Still, I do enjoy a good coincidence.

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