Saturday, January 21, 2006
A Complete Waste Of My Day

I meant to, like, do something useful with my day, but noooooo... I got all distracted by Cubeoban instead. I'm up to level 30 so far, and now everything I see looks like Cubeoban. Not good.

So, I went looking for news online, and ended up getting distracted again by this weird little so-called MENSA test. I'm up to 21 -- enough to claim my "genius" bona fides, even if it did take me half an hour to get there. But there are at least four more that I'm this close to figuring out.

God damn it all to hell.

PS: Haha! Up to 24 now. Bask in my brilliance!

If anyone can figure out the answers to #s 8,11,14,15,17,20,28,30, or 31, let me know.

PPS: Turns out there are only 30 levels in Cubeoban. Yay on me!
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