Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Goodbye Rights, Goodbye Liberties

The Idiocracy is solidifying their hold on power. I can only hope the culture war finally begins in earnest -- they've got Jeebus on their side, but we've got all the rational, educated, creative motherfuckers on ours. I'll take the motherfuckers any day.

First proposition on the block: Doctors and other medical professionals don't have to treat you if they think you're a sinner. That goes for slatternly women, sodomites, and anyone else we decide later on. Maybe the ER doc you see during your child's asthma attack or your heart attack will be a Christian Scientist... his prescription? "Pray, asshole. Pray like your life depends on it. I know we've got all these fancy machines and drugs, but your suffocating chest pain is a punishment from Jeebus for some impurity in your soul. If you live, we'll know you're forgiven."

(But surely someone who believes the practice of medicine is wrong would be ill-suited to be a doctor? Well, yes, but firing them for not providing medical services to patients is a violation of their "rights."* Or so our newly-pro-theocracy Supreme Court will doubtless say when asked their opinion.)

If you sincerely believe that Jeebus equates the morning-after pill with infanticide, fine. But no more modern medicine for you -- you only get "faith-based" doctors. They're different because they don't actually have to pass any hard science classes or study comparative anatomy or go to medical school. They don't have to understand chemistry or physiology or know the names of all the bones in your hands. God tells em what to do, and that's good enough, right? 'Cause God knows everything.

From now on, Fundies (and their non-Fundie Republican enablers) only get witch-doctors. Let's see how dedicated you really are to this concept.

By the way, Tennessee is one of the states on the block:

Bill Number: TN H 1383
Summary: Allows pharmacists and related professionals to refuse to provide or dispense contraceptives in all or most circumstances.
Sponsor: Casada (R)
Introduced: 02/09/2005
Last Action: Carried Over
Last Action Date: 01/06/2006

Bill Number: TN S 76
Summary: Allows individuals or entities to refuse to provide or dispense contraceptives in all or most circumstances.
Sponsor: Finney
Introduced: 01/13/2005
Last Action: Carried Over
Last Action Date: 01/06/2006


Good luck getting your birth control prescription filled in Germantown, suckers.

Next: the Amish Electronic Engineers Association refuses to use transistors on the basis that they're the work of Satan.

*If someone is forced to suffer for another person's religious beliefs, whose first-amendment rights are actually being violated?
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