Monday, January 30, 2006
So C-L-E-A-N

I often wonder why women seem to be so gosh-darn flinchy about their bodies. And then I read stuff like this, and it all falls into place.

A modern woman realizes how important hygiene is to health, married happiness, after her periods, and to combat an offensive odor even greater than bad breath and body odor -- an odor she herself may not detect but is so apparent to people around her.

Short version: your husband doesn't love you because your cunt stinks. So squirt some fuckin' Pine-Sol up that capacious maw, you filthy whore. The sting is God's punishment for having been born a woman.

And get a goddamn copy editor while you're at it... haven't you ever heard of parallel structure? Stupid cooze.

PS: I'm not sure where this new style is coming from either. I'm just feeling deeply inspired to be as vulgar as possible lately. Sorry Mom. It could actually be a lot worse.

PPS: Consider it a gift, Nelson.

PPPS: I'll probably regret having posted this in the morning.
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