Friday, February 17, 2006
Friday Catwhoring

(Well, some people do friday cat-blogging, and other people do friday blog-whoring, so it was either this or friday blog-blogging... and that would just be stupid.)

come fuck me

Echo, 7, is a voluptuous Maine Coon with the skills to satisfy. Her well-honed claws and teeth aren't unaccustomed to the succulent flesh of dainty prey; her services are best suited to those with a penchant for rough trade. Weighing in at over ten firm, seductive pounds, even the veteran client will find her an intimidating date. Her merciless teasing -- arching her back and purring one minute, striking with petulant claws the next -- will drive you wild with lust. No blanket will protect your pulsing manhood from this huge, hairy pussy*.

Rates negotiable; call for an appointment.

Meanwhile, back at the Bunny Ranch...

Cheney nails a quail

Some old dude un-nails himself

And Billy Joel gives Stephen Hawking a filthy Sanchez.

* You didn't actually expect me to get through this without one gratuitous pussy joke, did you?
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