Friday, February 10, 2006
The Friday Hasselhoff

Dare for More... er... pleather.

There's something about a Hasselhoff straddling a giant, spurting soda bottle that makes me feel a little dirty. I think his two-fisted, open-mouthed grip on that microphone might have something to do with it, too.

Also: The Annagrammatic Underground. My film school was located in the vicinity of Contend Grave and Queerer Elastics; the flat I shared with the Swedes was near Way Arch Fan and Queasy Horn. I also lived, at various times, near Mind Eel, and just a block away from Rowboat Toadying. And I am very familiar with A Retard Cottonmouth, Anger Perk, Spicular Dicyclic, and Crux For Disco. I don't expect that to mean anything to any of you.

Also also: lamps made out of mutilated babydoll heads. There was a time in my life when I would've bled myself dry for one of these. To be honest, I'm still faintly drawn to them. The good news is, I expect a reasonably creative person could make one of their own with no significant difficulty. Tres goth.

Also also also: my friend Denny has moved his blog from here (Where We're Bound) to here (Our Tomorrow). If you think I'm out there, wait'll you get into it with Denny. That boy's in the mix.

And finally: it's snowing again. What's more, it's sticking. I'm hopeful that it'll glaze over into a sheet of ice; then I can go out in my snow boots and ice cleats and exalt in being the only person around who's actually prepared.
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