Monday, February 20, 2006
The Jared Fogle Of Web Design

My old buddy Shaw has gone all Web 2.0 on us. He's moved his blog, and gone from this to this. It's like one of those miracle-pill ads you see in Parade magazine right next to the two-page spread on how Jeebus saved the drummer from Styx from the clutches of his decongestant nasal spray addiction.

Anyway, now I want one. (A new website, not an addiction.)

No, seriously... I've been pondering for months whether I should set up new digs for the non-ostensibly-anonymous parts of my life. It wouldn't entail moving this blog -- I'm quite comfortable on my little soapbox here, it's gone all squishy in just the right places -- but having something else for those times when the blog's not appropriate. The problem (as with most other aspects of my life at the moment) is that I just don't have the content to fill the space. And there's nothing more annoying than a website with nothing on it.

But that doesn't stop Shaw, oh no, for Shaw is unstoppable. He's an inspiration to the life-less. I'll get that website up yet.

Update: Whoops! Maybe Shaw's stoppable after all.

Update 2/22: Okay, he's up again. Un-fucking-stoppable!
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