Friday, March 10, 2006

So, like, I've had the song "Frank Mills" stuck in my head for two fuckin' days now.

It's the Lemonheads version, so I guess that's not so bad. And I do actually kinda like the song and its deep-seated reluctance to rhyme... but enough is enough.

Normally when I get a song stuck in my head, I can handle it. I'm the queen of curing those annoying little things that crop up -- I can whip hiccups reliably in thirty seconds flat without fail. For this kind of thing, I've found that humming the theme from "The Tonight Show" ten or twelve times in a row will usually dislodge any sticky tune without the unfortunate side-effect of taking up residency in its place. But apparently Frank Mills is immune to Johnny Carson.

I met a boy called Frank Mills
On September twelfth right here
In front of the Waverly
But unfortunately I lost his address.

Help. Please.
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