Friday, March 24, 2006
Opening This Can Of Worms Again

Do anti-choicers really believe that abortion is literally the same as the murder of a child? If they did, one would presume, they'd universally hold the opinion that any woman who aborted her fetus should spend years, if not decades, in prison, and that the murder of abortion providers is justifiable. Curiously, almost none of them seem to take either position. So, do any of their rationales hold up? Or is this idea of "life" just a cover for some unjustifiable interest in restricting people from doing things of which the anti-choice crowd disapproves?

Having hashed over this subject recently, I'm not now suggesting that the moral implication of the "life" rationale are comprehensively wrong. I'm merely suggesting that the actions undertaken by the "pro-life" movement completely belie that rationale. I'm implying that that rationale is unadulterated bullshit. And I'm saying that I think the anti-choicers need to put a whole lot more thought into their real positions before they undertake actions that could cost even more lives than they might "save".

I've got a lot of questions about what these folks actually believe, and I'm not the only one. I'd like to hear answers to my questions before we undertake legislation. What's the punishment for this crime? On what basis? How do we determine which kind of life is the most important? How far does this "life" rationale extend? The fetus? The fertilized, unimplanted egg? The ovum and sperm cells themselves? Why do you draw the line in one place and not another? What is it you really want to accomplish with this? Do these laws actually serve those ends?

The second problem is one that was brought up on this very blog last time this subject came up: personal responsibility. Of course, "life" and "personal responsibility" are two very different things -- if you accept that the former is the real reason behind anti-choice laws, then nothing they do makes sense. But if you assume that this is really about "personal responsibility" -- and with it, sex and sexual equality -- then suddenly everything comes into focus. That's how we end up with an agenda promoting ignorance, intolerance, and hypocrisy. I have serious doubts as to whether many ostensibly anti-abortion supporters have thought very deeply about the full implications of the laws they support.

What am I saying, really? I'm saying that the pro-life movement is so full of shit it squishes when it walks.

You guys are going to have to do a lot better -- for your own good as well as for the good of all the people whose lives you're playing with. You could start by actually being honest about your goals, clearly defining what your philosophy entails, and nailing down every practical issue and implication of your proposed laws. Because until you do, all you're going to get is resistance.

And finally, if nothing else the "pro-life" crowd should be ashamed of themselves for their art, which is fucking awful. (Who knew that the miracle of life could be so utterly NSFW?)
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