Thursday, April 27, 2006
Blindingly-Fast 32-bit MC68000 Microprocessor, Indeed!

Sorry for the quiet week -- I've just been a little distracted. But in a happy way. Happy enough that I don't want to jinx it by talking about it here. (These things are so easily jinxed, you know.)

But, uh... here, look at this full scan of the original 1984 Newsweek insert heralding the birth of the Macintosh. I feel like Scotty in that Star Trek movie where they have to find humpback whales to take back to the future... "a mouse, how quaint!"

PS: Holy crap, I have so got to get a handle on my bookmarks. I file 'em every other week, and file most of them as I go, but it still seems like every time I pull that menu down I've gotta scroll for thirty seconds to get to the most recent ones. And it's not just my bookmarks, it's my RSS reader, too -- I've been off my computer for no more than 36 hours, and it says it's got 478 blog posts waiting to be read... I mean, Jeebus H.!
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