Friday, April 14, 2006
Friday Pagan Blogging

How crazy is it that Jeebus died for our sins in exact synchronization with the moon? So much so that we determine the anniversary of his resurrection by picking out the first Sunday after the first full moon occuring on or after the vernal equinox? And how bizarre a coincidence is it that our Christian holiday of Easter coincides almost exactly with the old pagan month of Eostremonat, in honor of the goddess Eostre, whose celebration included things like Osterhase (easter bunnies) and eggs? And how fantastically improbable is it that "Eostre" sounds suspiciously similar to the word "Easter," the name given by Yahweh himself to the holiday celebrating his only begotten son, Jeezy Creazy's grisly, torturous demise? I mean really, what are the chances? And yet it all really, literally happened just that way! Wow!

It's surely proof of some kind of intelligent design.

And then, of course, there's always the old standby.

PS: I'll do the last part of "Insufferable Pretension" tomorrow.
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