Sunday, April 23, 2006

I finally got around to restocking the index over to the left there -- as you can see, I've added quite a bit. It's not necessarily the "best" stuff, just the stuff for which I feel the greatest fondness, and the stuff that stands on its own reasonably well. I included almost everthing pertaining to specific films, for instance, but very little of the dated, topical political stuff. As I expected, more of it is drawn from this last year than the previous one.

I also had to tend to the blog's template; I'm not sure what the fuck happened, but a big chunk of code got chopped off the end sometime during the last week. Something seems to be going wrong in Blogger -- even while I was trying to patch it up, it kept reloading with the last third of the template code missing. In the end I had to edit it in WordPad and then copy-paste the entire code in as one big piece. I also had to recontruct some of the code -- obviously, if Blogger was going to chew up my code, it would be the part with all the fiddly Javascript stuff. I had some old backup copies of the code, and I could piece the rest together from recent pre-chew posts, but it was still a pain in the ass.

But if any of you happen to notice something out of place or something not working normally, drop me a line. It's entirely possible that I might've missed something along the way.
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