Sunday, May 14, 2006
Domestic Bush Supporters Now So Rare, US Dependent On Foreign Fans

If I wasn't just a guest on this blog, (and highly inexpert one at html and formatting and stuff) I would put a link right here to make it easy for you to jump to Sr Novena's post of 8 May ... you know, the one with the news story where "President Bush's approval rating [slumps] to 31%". But I have no idea how to do that: you will just have to scroll down for yourself.

Anyway, I'm guessing that people prepared to go on the record and say things like this:

"The relationship is very close and I do have a close relationship with President Bush.

"I like him and we think along similar lines on a lot of issues."


are getting a bit thin on the ground over there. So thin on the ground in fact, it would seem that they have to be imported.

So, who the hell would say that?

Sigh: My own arse-licking prime minister, that's who, who's just arrived in Washington DC for a few days of, well, arse-licking. And while there, he's slotted into his usual role of being a gold class member of Bush's fan club; albeit that there's hardly anyone left in that club now.

It's so unbelievably embarrasing, really it is. I mean, trust me, there would be no more than 31 per cent of Australians who approve of Bush either. In fact, I would be surprised if it's that many. I've had many conversations with people who, like me, just want to crawl behind the sofa whenever they see Howard bobbing up and down beside Bush, grinning obsequiously and agreeing with everything he says. Aaaargh.

In preparation for tomorrow night's news, I'll clear a space behind the couch now.
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