Wednesday, May 03, 2006
For Local People

Forgive me, blog... I've been neglecting you. We seem to go through this once or twice a year, don't we? I'm so sorry, I apologize.

Alas, you're not going to be getting much additional attention tonight, as I've finally found a copy of The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse and intend to spend the rest of the evening watching it. I know that Little Britain is the show that gets all the attention these days, and it's pretty good, I guess. But it's strictly the light-beer version of The League of Gentlemen. LoG is blacker, harsher, sicker, and all-around more toothsome. I don't know whether the film adaptation will be any good, but I know I have to find out.

Three hours later: God damn it to hell, it won't play in this DVD player. Why? No fucking clue; it just won't. I'll have to dig out my magic DVD player tomorrow. I did manage to watch the third series of the show again, and if anything it's much better than I remembered it being the one time it aired on American television.

24 hours later: My magic DVD player, because it's magic, played the disc perfectly without so much as a pause to consider its options. Considering the thing cost me $30 brand new, I have to say I've been extraordinarily pleased with my purchase, as I have not yet found a disc it won't play. And the movie was pretty good. Not, y'know, as glorious as the show, but pretty damn good... very meta. And I like meta. But you'd really have to watch the show first -- which you should do anyway, in order, from beginning to end.
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