Friday, May 12, 2006
Friday Grøss-erie Blogging

I really don't get David Blaine. Or, I should say, I get the man's schtick just fine (there's really not much to it), but I don't get the motive behind it. He's a magician, sure, but he seems to have mostly ceased to do magic, which is good since we've all seen enough card tricks for one lifetime. But he doesn't seem to have found a real replacement for card tricks, because now he's just taking on increasingly absurd dares in the hopes of making a spectacle of himself.

No, for my spectacle-going dollar, I want something altogether more impressive than a wanker in a goldfish bowl. For example, I'd be quite happy to go see the biggest fuck-off puppet show in the history of the world; a 43-ton wooden elephant walking the streets is definitely my idea of a show.

Yeah, that's the stuff.

If that's not hands-on enough for a Friday afternoon, you could always try contributing a few lines to a massive collective sketch -- the current subject as I write this is "Knights Templar." The drawings, strangely, all kinda look the same, but in a good, modern-art kind of way.

Or we could always spend some time meditating on the art of the mundane. Shopping lists are a window to the soul.

I don't know who wrote that list, but I wish I was their friend. Such attention to detail!

And lastly, for the hypochondriacs, here's something new and disturbing to be afraid of, with no known cause and no known treatment:

Doctors are trying to find out what is causing a bizarre and mysterious infection that's surfaced in South Texas.

Morgellons disease is not yet known to kill, but if you were to get it, you might wish you were dead, as the symptoms are horrible.


Patients say that's the worst symptom -- strange fibers that pop out of your skin in different colors.

"He'd have attacks and fibers would come out of his hands and fingers, white, black and sometimes red. Very, very painful," said Lisa Wilson, whose son Travis had Morgellon's disease... Travis Wilson developed Morgellons just over a year ago. He called his mother in to see a fiber coming out of a lesion.

"It looked like a piece of spaghetti was sticking out about a quarter to an eighth of an inch long and it was sticking out of his chest," Lisa Wilson said. "I tried to pull it as hard as I could out and I could not pull it out."

Fibers? Ewwwww! I did the gross-out dance for a good thirty seconds after reading that.
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