Thursday, May 04, 2006
Funny / Not Funny

In light of the efforts of some to justify the near-total media blackout of Stephen Colbert's presidential bitch-slap on the basis that it was "not that funny," and because the subject is one that has been much on my mind of late, I think it's time for a quick review of what's funny and what's not.

Dave Chappelle - funny
Carlos Mencia - not funny

The Boondocks (comic strip) - funny
Curtis (comic strip) - not funny
The Boondocks (cartoon) - not especially funny, but well done

Wonder Showzen - very, very funny, but a bit nauseating
South Park - not funny very often anymore

Jon Stewart - funny
Dennis Miller - not funny

mocking the president to his face - funny
the president getting all pissy about it - funny
the media getting pissy about it - not funny


PS: How the word "funny" looks after you've written/read it a dozen or so times - funny

PPS: Stephen Colbert - funny
Richard Cohen - not funny.
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