Thursday, May 11, 2006
Hot Girl-On-Girl Action

Lesbian and heterosexual women respond differently to specific human odours, a brain-scanning study has found. The homosexual women showed similar brain activity to heterosexual men when they inhaled certain chemicals, which may be pheromones, the researchers say.


The researchers conclude that these "pheromone-like stimuli" produce different responses in the anterior hypothalamus of women of different sexual orientations, and that their research supports the idea that the anterior hypothalamus plays a role in sexual preference.

The pattern of activity in the brains of lesbians for both chemicals was similar - though not identical - to the pattern for heterosexual men. In May 2005, the same team showed that the brains of heterosexual women and homosexual men reacted in the same ways when they smelled either AND or EST.


We can stop right here... there's no need to continue this experiment. I mean, you can if you like, but it's not necessary -- I can already tell you beyond any doubt that this is entirely correct.

Back in London, one of the popular weekend passtimes among the film students was snog-parties. NOT orgies -- it was never that bestial -- just innocent, sweet little group snogs. I didn't participate much because I was in a relationship, and by the time I'd extracted myself from it we'd all become too disgusted with each other to snog innocently. But for a while it was the thing to do, and I was there, so... yeah.

The absolute most fun thing of all, of course, was to get straight boys to kiss each other. Strangely, all these American guys who'd never, ever in a million years kiss another guy back home were somehow, by virtue of being in Europe and surrounded by Europeans, suddenly mostly okay with the idea. Not enthusiastic, maybe, but tolerant and willing, especially if it meant they'd get to snog a girl afterwards. And the second most fun thing to do (for the long-suffering guys, at least) was to get girls to snog each other. In spite of how it sounds, it was never very heated (though the guys did tend to sit cross-legged a lot.) It wasn't a prelude to crazy sex, and I don't think it ever led there (at least, not between people who weren't looking for an excuse anyway.) It was just, y'know, for fun. For laughs. For the fuck-it-why-not of it all.

But the idea of kissing another woman was tricky. It wasn't that it was disgusting or anything -- it wasn't. But it was confusing. And not in a latently-homosexual way, more in the sense that, upon attempting it, your limbic brain would get befuddled and pipe up, "what this? what are you doing? this can't be right... "

Of course, apart from the absence of stubble, it doesn't feel any different. If your eyes are closed, you certainly can't see any difference. But just the same, you know that something isn't quite right. And a few years ago I finally figured out what that something is.

Girls don't smell right.

I can't explain exactly how they don't smell right -- it's not as if you can say, "girls smell like X, while guys smell like Y" (although in a genetic sense, I guess they do.) It's not as conscious as a specific smell that is or isn't attractive. Guys can smell "wrong," too (god almighty, can they), but it's a competely different kind of "wrong." Guys smell individually right or wrong, but women smell completely, inherently, categorically wrong. Even if you can't really smell them at all. Something in that subtle chemical signal makes all the difference in the world, and no amount of "being cool" can transcend it. The nose wants what it wants.
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