Monday, May 29, 2006
Too Much Is Never Enough

I haven't been slacking nearly as much as it might look. And I plan to post again later today, but I hate letting two whole days slip by without slapping something onto the blog. The real problem with blogging is how it comes to own you over time -- now that I've invested more than two years of my life into this thing, what, am I supposed to just quit? As if.

Anyway, as if this one wasn't enough, I just put together another goddamn blog. A few months back I made an attempt at a proper website for all my non-Sister Novena activities, but the content management system I was using was just too complicated. The irony was that in trying to avoid the headache of creating a website from scratch, I entered into something that was a much bigger headache. But I've scrapped all that now and started again, using the mad blog skillz I already possess. I just spent the last eight hours beating the template into submission. Yes, it's an ass-backwards way to build a website, but it'll do for now. And it's going pretty well, except that I can't get any javascript stuff to work.

There's no fucking way I'm going to publish the URL here -- those who should know will know (and those who fear that I may inadvertantly skip you over, feel free to make your plea in the comments.) I just wanted to explain why you've been hearing so many crickets chirping over here.

PS: And never you fear, the bulk of my blogging will still take place here -- this one's comfy in all the right spots now. The other one is just, y'know, to produce an illusion of professionalism. But I still love this one best.

PPS: Everybody say howdy to my super-awesome Auny Vicky, who found this blog and through some rather impressive deductive reasoning figured out which relative wrote it without any other clues. Vicky is my favorite aunt, and I'm not just saying that because she's the only one who's found my blog. I'm saying it because she's a kindred spirit, and one of the few other liberals in the family. Which isn't to say that I don't love all my Republican relatives -- I do, or at least most of them -- but I feel a particular kind of connection with her. She's my vegetarian, yoga-teaching, reality-based aunt. Hi Aunt Vicky!
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