Thursday, June 29, 2006
Document The Atrocities

Don't look now, but the Texas assclown is coming to town. By my calculations, it'll be the closest he's gotten to the soggy ruins of New Orleans since the last of the corpses sunk to the bottom. (I wonder if it's too late to do some freeway blogging?)


Thousands of U.S. veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are facing a new nightmare - the risk of homelessness. The U.S. government estimates several hundred vets who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are homeless on any given night across the country, although the exact number is unknown.

The reasons that contribute to the new wave of homelessness are many: some are unable to cope with life after daily encounters with insurgent attacks and roadside bombs; some can't navigate government red tape; others simply don't have enough money to afford a house or apartment.


He supports the troops like a deadbeat dad.
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