Monday, June 26, 2006
Not Home

Sorry for the lull in posting -- I'm spending the week elsewhere, and using different computers when I'm online, so I don't have my ready file of blogfodder available to help fill in these gaps. And while I could always come up with something new and insightful, at the moment my brain's just about at its maximum. I'm editing this film, I promised myself I would get my backlog of reading done while I had some time to myself in a quiet place, and then there's... y'know, everything else.

One thing I do know from spending a few days in midtown, though, is that I have got to move up here soon. Life is so much simpler -- I can go work over a soy mocha at Otherlands without having to figure in $5-8 extra for fuel and a round-trip drive of more than an hour; I can go work at the Co-op at night without having to worry about drunk drivers on the way home; and I bet I'd save at least $20-30/week just on gas if I lived up here.

Yep. All I need now is a steady paycheck.
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